Friday, January 21, 2011

Randy Alcorn- Abortion

Randy Alcorn in response to Pennsylvania Abortionist/Murderer:

I must say that while I agree this is all horrific, in fact I am not shocked about it. Why? Because I already knew what was going on in abortion clinics. I already knew that innocent people are killed there by the hundreds every week. Twenty-two years ago I looked in the dumpster of an abortion clinic and saw pieces of human flesh. This is not news to me.

I knew that the lives of women are ruined there, and I knew that the “doctors” who spend their lives killing babies in most cases know exactly what they are doing. (Yes, I have talked with them.) The “shocking discovery” that an abortionist who made millions of dollars from child-killing had such a low regard and such a profound disrespect for the lives of babies and women is properly responded to with a “Huh?” As in, didn’t we know that already? And, if we didn’t, what is wrong with us?

I think every congressman and congresswoman who has stood up, wearing their tailored clothes and giving speeches defending late term abortion—or abortion at any stage—should resign from office. I think every physician who quietly sends women to abortionists should lose his license. In fact, in a morally sane culture, far more serious measures would be taken. They would go to jail, because they have assisted in and promoted the killing of children.

I think that every Christian who keeps voting for “prochoice” candidates and who opposes showing the photos of dead babies, while defending what kills the babies in the photos, should question their faith (is it biblical, or does it merely mirror the current drift of our culture?). They should ask whether Jesus would ever defend and vote for the killing of children.

I think every church member who is against the observance of Sanctity of Human Life Sunday (this weekend in many churches) and thinks the church shouldn’t talk about abortion—and every pastor who refuses to speak about it from the pulpit—needs to be taken on a virtual tour of that Pennsylvania clinic and come to terms with what abortion really is.

And if the pastor still refuses to open God’s Word and talk about defending the rights of the poor and needy and fatherless, and including unborn children in that, then I think he too should resign. (Along with all members of the church board who lobby against dealing with abortion from the pulpit.) If you lack the conviction or the courage to stand up and say to your church, who you are accountable to lead, “It is wrong to kill unborn babies, God hates it and God will judge it,” then you should not be a pastor. If you don’t have the guts to say “These are children—we must stop killing them” then you need to do something that doesn’t even pretend to take on a biblical and prophetic mantle.

Amen!!!!!!!!!!! Would love to hear the thoughts of Pro-choice people, in regards to Randy's statements.

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