Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rob Bell?

Martin Bashir has always been a great interviewer. He has taken on some of the top celebrities in the world and has never backed down or given them softball questions. In this interview, he doesn't let Rob do what Good Morning America and Livestream did in his past two interviews, he tries to get Rob to give a direct answer, Rob rarely does. He didn't last night or this morning either, sad.

 The thing that strikes me about Bell is he changes his answers and the way he answers depending on the interviewer or the audience. He reminds me of Bart Ehrman in this regard. Bart makes great claims in the company of non-christians but in the company of people of Dan Wallace's stature and expertise, for example, he never goes there.

Also, how many of the early Christians were so vague in their Gospel presentations. Rob never really uses the Bible to back up his claims. I would love to hear your comments. If you comment and have a point of view use the Bible to back it up. Rob rarely does.

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