Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Don't tell anyone?

Luke 8:56 "And her parents were amazed, but he charged them to tell no one what had happened."

JD Greear says: 
Why would He do that? Jesus’ primary ministry was proclaiming a Kingdom to be believed. As a sign of that, he casts out demons and heals the sick and raises the dead. And he doesn’t want his secondary ministry to overtake and overshadow his primary ministry. If too many people know about him raising the dead, that’s all they’d care about (this guy can bring back “pa”); we tend to focus more on secondary things like healing than we do on the primary thing, knowing God.

o The greatest gift Jesus can give you is the knowledge of God. And in light of that, even things like bringing back your loved ones and healing your sicknesses are not that important. And if those things get in the way of seeing what Jesus really needs to do for you, they will have become then healing becomes a cursing!

o A lot of people want Jesus to heal their body; take them to heaven; bless their lives. But do you want Him to restore you to God. No one ever turned down one of Jesus’ miracles. But when Jesus started talking about His primary mission being to restore them to God, then they got bored, or even angry.

o Some of you want Jesus for what He can do for you. Do you want Him so you can really know God? The greatest thing you can do in this life is come to Jesus to have your soul healed, to be restored to God, regardless of whether you live in poverty or pain.

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