Monday, June 20, 2011

Glad to be SBC!!!!

Disaster Relief

  • An total of 167,731 volunteers were engaged through the ministries of Baptist Builders, Campers on Mission, Disaster Relief, Families on Mission, Appalachian Regional Ministry, and The Bridge. These volunteers recorded 11,715 professions of faith. More than 155,000 Buckets of Hope were collected and distributed for Haiti Disaster Relief.
  • There were 20,522 participants involved in World Changers in 2010. That represents a total of 1,053 churches. World Changers completed a total of 95 projects and recorded 530 professions of faith while collecting a mission offering of $140,385.80. PowerPlant  participants numbered 2,361, involving 109 churches. There was a total of 19 projects. They recorded a total of 109 professions of faith working with 112 church plants and collecting a mission offering of $18,566.55 to be disbursed to local church planting needs.
  • Southern Baptist Disaster Relief engaged in disaster responses during 2010, including Haiti Earthquake Response. More than 32,556 volunteer days produced 272,963 meals; completed 2,201 jobs (clean-up following floods, fires, storms, and other types of disasters); made 72,272 ministry contacts; and recorded 2,642 professions of faith. More than 70,000 people are trained in Disaster Relief.

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