Friday, April 9, 2010

Independent Baptist Church Youth Conference!

Probably the largest Independent Fundamental Baptist Church in America, First Baptist Hammond is having a youth conference. Look at what they are doing to draw teen agers. This is from their brochure:

Join us this year for our Bus Demolition Race after lunch Thursday afternoon of Youth Conference! This event will take place at a speedway just a few minutes away from Hyles-Anderson College. Cheer for your favorite bus as it gets smashed, squashed, and battered!
Don’t miss the Holy Roller as he crushes cars with his monster truck!

Also they are having a 3 on 3 contest, dodge ball contest, paintball, and singing competition. This is from the largest Independent Fundamental Baptist Church in America, First Baptist Hammond in Indiana.

I applaud their efforts. Jack Schaap is a great preacher and many students will come to Christ because of this youth conference.

The question I have for all the people who were against the Bonfire Crusade our county just recently had is:
Is This Worldly?
Is this Church doing something un-Biblical or un-Godly?
Is this preacher a "spiritual pied piper" to have a church this large?
I would love to hear your comments!


Darrell Pierce said...

I believe what is happening to people is they are letting their own beliefs override scripture. The bible states that we are not to judge a man's heart in the matters of his motives. God will show what is light and what is darkness. We all have God given talents, abilities, quirks, and habits. They are not to be used to set ourselves up as being exactly the right way to live. They are to be used to live for Christ and that will lead others that agree with your example to Him. We as believers are to use what God has given us to accomplish His will not to say we are the right way but THAT JESUS IS THE WAY. I say attract those to Jesus your way and let others attract those to Jesus their way. Don't turn people off by infighting among brothers. I'll see you all in heaven. How many are you taking with you? Not how are you taking them!!

Mike Whitten said...

Darrell is right on and I couldn't have written it better!! There are many ways to win the lost to Christ. The main thing is that as Christians we focus on that very thing.