Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Strange" Things are going on at ETBC!

Strange things going on at ETBC

This past Sunday the Lord blessed in a tremendous way. I had the privilege of baptizing 8 people! All 8 publicly professed their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior through believer’s baptism. That never gets old!

We also saw 20 people join our church. At ETBC, in order to join, you must go through CLASS 101. This class is a requirement. Someone can’t just walk down the aisle and join any time they want to at ETBC. As a matter of fact, no one can. This has worked great for ETBC. In this class we explain, in detail, our beliefs about Jesus, the Bible, salvation, worship, our goals and our expectations of members. At the end of the class we tell people how they can join. We never beg or proselyte other church members. We encourage families to attend for a while before joining to make sure God has called them to ETBC. So, I thank God for the families and individuals who joined this Sunday. Because of demand we will be having another CLASS 101 next Sunday April 11.

We also saw 502 people in Sunday School. I want to thank Associate Pastors Mark Marshall and Kevin White for doing such a great job in this area. ETBC has always had a strong Sunday School but never like this. God is really blessing in this area. We are in great need of Sunday School space.

910 people worshiped with us Sunday! The House was packed. I want to thank all of our members who think enough of their friends and family members to invite them to church. Studies show that at least 90% of people saved in America were the direct result of a close friend or family member.

God was exalted in worship. Gary Pierce is doing a great job at ETBC. I am thankful for his friendship and leadership in this area. I’m so glad our choir has practice and tries to sing with excellence. Also I am so thankful we sing more than Hymns from the red Hymn Book. Even though, we do sing from this great collection of songs every Sunday that is not all we do. There are some great God honoring songs in America today that some churches will never hear because they were written before 1950. Thanks Gary for obeying the Lord in this Area.

Strange things are happening at ETBC. To God be the Glory! And everyone said AMEN!


Mike Whitten said...


Sounds like ETBC had an awesome day!! It makes me happy to see God at work in the midst of your congregation!!

Jamie Steele said...

Thanks Mike. Hope Oklahoma is treating you well!!!! Go Cowboys!

Mike Whitten said...


We are great!! Hey, a couple of great books to recommend. Crazy Love by Francis Chan, and my pastor Craig Groeschel's new book the Christian Atheist. Both are outstanding.

Jamie Steele said...

I've read Chan's and gonna get Craig's