Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What Calvinism is not by Jason Robertson

I love to study theology and I love to study areas of theology most people don't want to talk about. One is Calvinism. So for the next couple of posts I am gonna post some Misconceptions about Calvinism and you tell me what you think.

The following is by Jason Robertson:

Calvinism is often misunderstood, because it is continually under attack from those who are either enemies of the Gospel or ignorant of the gospel. Therefore, many people have misconceptions about this system of theology.


1.Calvinism does not teach that God will refuse to save a man because he is not one of the elect even though that man believes in Christ and repents of his sin.

2.Calvinism does not teach that Christians do not need to evangelize or do missions because God will sovereignly save the elect.

3.Calvinism does not deny man’s responsibilities as defined by Scripture.

4.Calvinism does not teach that God is the author of sin, who made people sin so that He could judge them.

5.Calvinism does not affirm all of the beliefs of John Calvin.

6.Calvinism is not a certain form of church government.

7.Calvinism does not teach infant baptism.

8.Calvinism is not a sect of Christianity or Gospel that was formulated by John Calvin.

9.Calvinism as a system of theology/soteriology did not originate with John Calvin.

10.Calvinism is not the same as Stoicism or Pantheism.

Instead, Calvinism is orthodox Christianity, affirming the fundamental doctrines of true Christianity.
There are other varieties of true orthodox Christianity, some that are offshoots of Calvinism and some that are not. In other words, there are Christians who are not Calvinist. Calvinists do not believe that one must be a Calvinist in order to be a Christian.
In fact, that would fly in the face of the Calvinist belief that salvation is the sovereign act of God, not based on any merit of man, including man getting all of his theology correct.

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