Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Paranormal Activity 3- Patton

C. Michael gives his final take on Demons:

What I don’t know:

I don’t know if Satan is the “ruler” of all the demons.

Though there does seem to be a ruler of at least some of the demonic forces; Rev. 9:11. Is there a hierarchy? Do all the demons “like” or agree with Satan? Maybe there is internal disagreements and rebellion?

I don’t know why Satan battles against the Lord. Does he think he can actually win?

This is perhaps the most bizarre wonderment concerning the issue of Satan and the demons. When Satan entered Judas, betrayed Christ, and had him killed, did he actually think he won? This makes me pause and wonder two things: 1) How much of the future does he really know? 2) Does he not believe the Bible concerning his end? I guess my question is How good is Satan’s theology?

I don’t know how much demons really know. Are they smart?

Could it be that they have been here so long that they have lost focus in many cases? Could it be that certain types of demons have a really screwed up worldview? After reading Spirit of the Rainforest and hearing of people’s experience with demons, I am confused. Many demons seem very confused. Many don’t not even seem to believe in God. Could there be demonic atheists? Could it be that the noetic effect of sin can be applied to demonic minds.

I don’t know why demons were confessing a correct view of Christ before other people (Mark 3:11).

What where they thinking? Were they compelled to confess him? It seems rather counter-productive.

I don’t know why there is no mention of a plan of redemption for demons.

It could be, as Thomas Aquinas thought, that demons, since they are not part of one species called “angels” could not be represented by Christ all at once. In other words, Christ would have to die for each demon individually in order for them to find alternate representation.

I don’t know how much organization there is among demons.

I don’t know if they have “board meetings” once a month, or if the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. Being finite, both spatially and gnostically, they are limited beings. Do they really communicate that much. How? Is there a central plan? Is there a demonic Facebook?

I don’t know how they travel.

I don’t think they have the power of transportation, like on Star Trek. It would seem that they have to travel and it takes time (Dan. 10:11-21). This may have implications on how well organized they are.

What I imagine to be the case:

I imagine that Satan deceives demons into thinking their is hope.

I imagine that Satan is self-deceived into thinking there is hope.

I imagine that most demons are aware and believe in basic theological facts but I don’t know how well they put this together.

I imagine that there is a lower form of demons who are not “up to speed” on things. They are just going about their daily business without much knowledge or concern for any “bigger plan.”

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