Friday, July 29, 2011

Crowds? David Platt

Platt: "Success is determined not by how many people are coming into our building, but how many people are leaving our buildings to take on the world with the gospel. What defines success is certainly not just the crowd. Jesus himself in many ways spurned the crowd. You can get crowds to do anything and crowds are not a measure of success as much as Jesus shows us men and women are multiplying the gospel with their lives and risking their lives to taking the gospel to the ends of the earth. This is the success of the church.
We have tried in the context of the faith family at Brook Hills to say, “Ok, how can we live and do church not just to draw as many people as we can to an event. But how can we do church in a way that we can mobilize, encourage one another to go out in this city and to all nations leading people to Christ and multiplying the gospel and spending our lives for his sake.” That is what we want success to be defined by."
My thoughts on crowds: Pastor, you got a crowd. Big Deal. So does Apple, the average High School football game, any night club in any major city, most bars and PTA meetings. What are you doing with your crowd? 
Preach Jesus. Preach Jesus again. Then Preach Jesus again. If the crowd leaves, let them. They left Jesus when he preached to them, John 6:66. If they stay, Preach Jesus and mobilize them to impact your community and world for the Glory of God.

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