Friday, July 22, 2011

Fedor loves Jesus :)

MMA fighter Fedor Emelianenko loves Jesus. At one time he was considered one of the greatest fighters in the history of MMA. He has lost his last two fights, which is really bad in this sport. After his loss to Werdum he said,
 "The one who doesn't fall never stands up. It happened that people made me an idol. But everybody loses. I'm just a human being. And if it's God's will next fight, I'll win."

Here is his quote about his upcoming fight with Dan Henderson. The Question: What if you lose 3 straight?
That's God's will. Right now I'm not worried about whether I win or lose and I'm not thinking about any future opponents. Right now I'm just thinking about this fight. After this fight, we'll sit down and figure out what the next move is. One thing I've learned is that I know I can thank God for all of my successes and all of my failures, all of my good times and all of my bad times. Like an Orthodox Christian fighter, that's how I'd like to be remembered.

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