Friday, March 12, 2010

Christian Music?

These guys wouldn't like East Taylorsville music probably but I bet they listen to Blue Grass :)
What type of music is appropriate for church and why? Would love to hear your comments.


Mike Whitten said...

Wow, what a short sighted view of what Christian music should be like. All I can say is that they may be in for a surprise when they stand before the thone of God worshiping someday. They need to come to church with me one weekend. They might die of a heart attack. :)

Jamie Steele said...

Short sighted is right and terrible Hermeneutics, which very common with this type of "preachin". It is sad to see God's Word distorted like this.
Many will give an account for how they butcher the Word to fit their worship preferences.
I wish they would go to an Amish community and worship. Now that is "true old timey" worship!

Scott Hammer said...

Sad part about this type of "preachin" is that it's derived from overhearing another preacher use it and not from studying the Bible. I can't think of one account where Jesus used music in any of his sermons or teaching opportunities. If you base your PREFERENCE on this premise then you must summise that ALL music is out of place in worship.

Scott Hammer said...
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